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Mugs.  Pens.  T-Shirts.  Key Chains. Tote Bags. Lanyards. Hats.


Promotional Product marketing has always been about “stuff”.  Pick your product, send your logo, place your order and expect delivery. You can even do it online.


 Video as a “Promotional Product”? 


Digital Promotional Products are built from this model except without the “stuff”.  We believe that promotional marketing needs are best met with the same economy and ease found in  the promotional products industry. Pick your product, send your info, place your order and expect delivery. Just without the stuff.


Introducing: Digital Promotional Products

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Why Digital Promotional Products?

Video is powerful.  There is no stronger call to action than the “Press Here” button. Yet, most clients have a significant video deficit” in their marketing materials.  Solution: Video without  scripts, actors and production companies. Video that is easy, effective and economical.

You need more video

Companies, non-profits, educational institutions, teams, and associations need video that will be opened, viewed, posted and shared.  Till now, effective video has been beyond the reach of almost all companies.  Our solution is to use tools, templates, and repurposed content to meet video needs.

You can sponsor solutions

We can help you help your clients, too.  With our simple tools, your clients can produce their own videos, thereby helping you achieve your marketing objectives.  Custom video is more effective as a promotional tool than a sign at an event or your company name on a t-shirt.  Sponsoring a video is far more powerful than sponsoring a lanyard.

A simple workflow

Customized video is effective video.  Customization costs time and money.  We have created workflows that produce custom video in bulk without the need for creativity, technical expertise or expensive consultant intervention.  We’ve developed a simple workflow that is easy and economical, resulting in scaled custom video to meet your needs.

Original Video can be affordable and effective

Our commitment is to deliver video that is as affordable, effcctive, reliable and easy as ordering traditional promotional products.  We are driven to achieve this.

Custom video till now required creative meetings, script reviews, video shoots with professional directors and actors, aerial shots from drones, and approvals at every step of the process from the client.  How many slick videos can anyone afford a year?  Not enough to meet the need.

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