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Building Effective Video

Building Effective Video

We’re pushing the benefits of “effective video” hard here.  But what are the building blocks of effective video?

  1. Relevant content.
  2. Appealing style.
  3. Effective delivery to targets.
  4. Effective Call to Action.
  5. Relevant to objectives (strategic).
  6. Measurable results.
  7. Achievable: time, effort, cost.

Easy right?  Not really, but fortunately some terrific tools have been developed that will help us build an effective video strategy for your clients.  We can work together to create custom videos that work for you and your clients.

Video Transforms

Video Transforms

Each of your clients can benefit from adding video to their promotional toolkit.  Video is super hot right now–it’s all the rage in marketing circles.

The difficulty for most clients is generating effective video that will help them reach their objectives without prohibitive cost, time commitment and talent.

Our digital products fill this video void for clients.  We can take logos, photographs, announcements, home-done videos, and even PowerPoint presentations and transform them into effective video content with little work by the client (or you) and a fraction of the cost of agency videos.

Video can be used for emails, newsletters, site postings, social media and sharing with employees, customers, sponsors and volunteers.  When it is opened, viewed, posted and shared, marketing objectives are met.  That is transformative.

An Entire Season of Sales

An Entire Season of Sales

If you sell promotional products for sports giveaways we should talk.

Digital promotional products are a perfect fit for teams that have multiple giveaways during a season.  Each game might have different giveaway products, sponsors of those products and promotional concepts.  All have a short promotional shelf life, meaning to cover a season, videos promoting giveaway games have significant but limited value to the team’s marketing department.  As a result, few videos are done, even though the impact is obvious.

Videos can be shared with sponsors for “credit” and re-posting to their network.  They can be emailed for promotion.  The can be posted and linked to on the teams site.  They can be shared by fans.

The custom promotional videos can be provided in conjunction with the giveaway products as a promotional plus, or you can sell the promotional videos separately, depending on the client’s needs.

Video for the Other 99%

Video for the Other 99%

So only the one-percenters can afford the time, effort and cost of professional ad agency videos.  Where does that leave the rest of us?

We think the answer is with promotional products experts like you.  Video should be created from existing content or easily produced new content. Content should be custom or personalized.  The style should be fresh, casual and fun. Content should be easily distributed.  Results should be measured to prove effectiveness.

To start, you should try to sell digital promotional products to your existing contacts at your existing clients.  Your clients trust you.  That trust will be called upon since this will a new category of product for your client to consider.

We would be happy to help you with the sales process, just as many of your other promotional product suppliers do.  We can discuss the parts of our line that are most responsive to your client’s need.  We can help you with sales sheets and presentations.  We can provide a custom sample or two if needed.

We also like the idea of combining the digital and physical products in a single offering.  This could be done for events, sports marketing and incentive programs.  We will enable you to differentiate your proposals from your competitions.  We should discuss this.

Since this is new, we will have to work together on a project by project basis.  Feel free to make an appointment to get started.

The Magic of Personalizations

The Magic of Personalizations

As a Promotional Products expert, you certainly know the power of personalized products.  The client gives you a list of names and you get the chosen products decorated with each one of those individual names.  It’s worth the extra expense to the client, because the recipients love to get their “me” product.  It really works.

The same is true for digital promotional products–except perhaps even more so.

Digital content succeeds when it is opened, viewed, posted and shared.  Let us show you the techniques we’ve developed to personalize our products–video slideshows, live action video, and gifs–for as many recipients as you need.

By the way, no company has ever done this with video the way we do.  It’s our own bit of magic and it will astound you!

Expand Beyond

Expand Beyond

It’s time to expand beyond your everyday promotional offerings of mugs, t-shirts, pens and other custom products.

As a Promotional Products distributor, you provide custom products to your clients.  You pick between hundreds of products and thousands of styles to recommend what is right for your client to meet their needs.  Juggling schedule and budget with objectives, you have to deliver on your promise to answer your client’s promotional product needs.

These same clients can benefit from your recommendations for their digital content needs.  In particular, video has become a must for promotion.  The impact of video is proven, but there are no easy solutions for creating effective video.

Advertising agencies will do video but it will be at very high cost–in terms of budget, turnaround time and client demands.

Do it yourself video is possible, but to be honest, your clients are more likely to print their own t-shirts than create their own videos.

Instead, we think you can be the video and digital content solution for your clients.  We can help you with ideas and execution.  Our goal is to create digital content that will be opened, viewed, posted and shared by the target audience for your client.  The tools we have to create these effective videos are cutting edge or even proprietary to us.  No one else is offering video solutions that use a client’s existing content (photos, names, available video), personalize it in ways that will make it effective and do it at mass production prices.

No additional content creation by your client.  No lengthy “project” timeline.  No bust-the-budget pricing.  In other words, just like everything else you do for your clients every day.

Expand beyond.