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It’s time to expand beyond your everyday promotional offerings of mugs, t-shirts, pens and other custom products.

As a Promotional Products distributor, you provide custom products to your clients.  You pick between hundreds of products and thousands of styles to recommend what is right for your client to meet their needs.  Juggling schedule and budget with objectives, you have to deliver on your promise to answer your client’s promotional product needs.

These same clients can benefit from your recommendations for their digital content needs.  In particular, video has become a must for promotion.  The impact of video is proven, but there are no easy solutions for creating effective video.

Advertising agencies will do video but it will be at very high cost–in terms of budget, turnaround time and client demands.

Do it yourself video is possible, but to be honest, your clients are more likely to print their own t-shirts than create their own videos.

Instead, we think you can be the video and digital content solution for your clients.  We can help you with ideas and execution.  Our goal is to create digital content that will be opened, viewed, posted and shared by the target audience for your client.  The tools we have to create these effective videos are cutting edge or even proprietary to us.  No one else is offering video solutions that use a client’s existing content (photos, names, available video), personalize it in ways that will make it effective and do it at mass production prices.

No additional content creation by your client.  No lengthy “project” timeline.  No bust-the-budget pricing.  In other words, just like everything else you do for your clients every day.

Expand beyond.