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Sample Videos

Here are some fun videos that give you an idea of what we’re offering. This is an extremely small sample of what is available to you and your clients.  Take a look and enjoy.

Keep On Giving—Seattle

This is . . .

Helping Seattle’s Homeless

An example of a non-profit regional appeal that could be branded for more than one charitable initiative.  This single video could be used by many cash- and time-strapped non-profits for fundraising, “About Us”, donor and sponsor thank you’s and partnering.  Ask us about our no-cost initiative for non-profits!  We’re here to help.

Backyard Ponds

This is an established company that specializes in garden pond maintenance.  We created a video using a combination of copy, client photography and video from an iPhone.  We added a logo animation to the front and a closer at the end.  The client’s content was re-purposed and there was a turnaround time in days, not months.

Featured Listings

The focus here is a summary of homes currently featured as listings by an area brokerage.  This video was done as a demo using stock photos and fictional data.   For a real estate client, we would only need a curated set of listings to produce a comparable video.  Easy stuff all around.

Schedule Teaser

Bethesda Big Train wanted a teaser video to put up on Facebook and elsewhere, announcing the availability of its 2018 schedule. Have a look.

Signature Video

This sort of video is intended as an introduction to a company’s core products and services.  Naturally, we started with our own company.  This type of video is typically placed on a company’s home page, “above the fold.”  The strength of a video format is its effectiveness.  Every company needs a Signature Video.

Auto Dealer Inventory Video

Auto dealers generally make more profit on their used vehicle inventory than brand new inventory.  Since this inventory changes constantly, it’s easy to see why fresh videos like this Demo would generate great interest.  All the dealer has to do is send us existing, curated content to feature.  This video is for demonstration purposes only. All content is fictitious and not intended for any commercial use of any kind. No rights are claimed to this content.

Bethesda Big Train Baseball

Here’s the Signature video for the Bethesda Big Train, part of the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League.  This video can be used for sponsors, the site and social networking. Simple changes to copy, watermarks, intros and outros make this core video usable for multiple purposes at insignificiant cost to Big Train.

Dietary Supplement Ingredient Database

DSID is a Federally-sponsored research and public information program.  This video was used to liven up a presentation.  The client simply sent us their logo and their copy.  The rest was up to us to render.  The result is fun and engaging.

Charity Event

This video publicizes a fundraising event emphasizing both the upbeat nature of the benefit and the important work of the group.  The photos were provided by the client.  The details of the event were taken from the website.  The introduction was rendered from their logo.  The call to action went to the ticket ordering form for the event.  The resulting video is terrific.

Live Action Montage

Just a selection of live action shorts, one after another. These make excellent intros to longer-form videos.  They can also be used in the body of a video to liven things up or simply to make an announcement of an event or some other topic.  All we need is the client’s logo and the copy (if any) and we’ll take it from there.

Logo Animations Montage

Just a selection of logo animations shorts, one after another. These are particularly good for intros, outros, and YouTube branding.  They can also be used for social networking or in conjunction with a core video to personalize the video to any number of entities, for example sponsors or partners.  Personalization in this way can create 4 to 8 times effectiveness.

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