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Video and Digital promotional products can be used for most digital marketing materials, including emails, websites, social networking posts, presentations, announcements, and newsletters.


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Video as a Product

Most clients have a need for video and digital  content–websites, newsletters, social networking and more.  Start with these obvious examples where video might be a superior format for existing content.  ‘About us” as a video slideshow is certain to be better than static content.  A video summary of at the top of a newsletter will lead to measurably improved results.  Animated logos add professionalism and fun branding to all digital content.

Video as a Service

Execution of video and digital programs can be tricky.  We offer clients a full service solution, including hosting, delivery and tracking of video content.  We can deliver personalized videos in the tens, hundreds, or even thousands.  We can produce a custom video for every sponsor, volunteer, participant and supporter of a special event.  We can provide reporting that will demonstrate the effectiveness of the videos.

Video as a Differentiator

We would love to work with you on a program that combines digital and physical promotional products. For sports marketing, offer a video that promotes fan giveaway and is customized to each sponsor or other supporter.  Offer these promotional videos for EVERY game on a schedule! Video can help promote events including charity auctions, golf tournaments and summer celebrations.

Don’t Ask Us. Ask Them.

“I always look for new products for my clients.  This is something I’ve never seen before.  Digital promotional products are an entirely new category to sell–I don’t see that very often.  I can’t think of one client who won’t want to see this.  Pretty excited.”
John Lamon--25+ years in the Promotional Products business

“I never expected to hear about digital content from my promotional products guy.  I’m so glad he brought me something that can help with our digital marketing.  I can’t go to our ad agency for this stuff because they’re too expensive. I’ve had no success doing it myself.  It just nags at me.  Can’t wait to get this off my to-do list.”
Sports Marketing Director

Video Ideas by Industry

We can provide custom video and digital solutions for many types of clients and needs.  Here is a small sampling of ideas to get you thinking.

Real Estate

Real estate marketing has moved strongly to digital for the shopping experience.  Terrific photos of a property are just about required for any listing today.  Buyers use digital tools to find the right property and preview important data.  Moving to video is the next step in real estate marketing so long as it is affordable and effective.  Perhaps video slideshow of new listings or hot neighborhoods or price reductions.  Whether you work with (or are) brokers, agents, or service providers like mortgage companies, let’s talk about that next step.

Sports Marketing

Sports marketing is full of events and  activity–games, personal appearances, community engagement, and fan meet and greets all need to be promoted with video.  Sports marketing video is most effective when it is custom to the event and the audience.  Fans need to be entertained and rewarded and sponsors need to be thanked and promoted.   Let us show you how to package a season of promotional videos for clients that need them.

Higher Education

Marketing at colleges and universities has become essential. Students, high school recruits, alumni and business partners all need to be engaged.  Video is essential.  Personalization of those videos will lead to more opens, views, posts and shares.  Anywhere a traditional promotional product will help with the school’s marketing, we can show you the need for video and digital.

Consumer Products and Services

Consumers need to be engaged online.  Whether the objective is brand building, information sharing, rewards or soliciting customer reviews of the client’s product or services, effective video and digital content is required.  We can help the client personalize content in ways they probably haven’t considered.  Mass customizations is the key: creation of customized video while keeping costs closer to mass production pricing is the key to what we can help you do.  We also know we need to deliver measurable results for these clients–that’s one of the advantages of digital.


Non-profits often look to you to provide rewards and incentives for donors, volunteers, participants and evne sponsors.  Enthusiastic engagement is critical.  Powerful video can help increase awareness and other measurable results, so long as it is opened, viewed, posted and shared.  With individualized customization of videos, we believe you can unlock and prove increased effectiveness.

Financial Services

Financial services often require consultative answers that rely on technical expertise.  The industry is using video more and more to demonstrate expertise.  Help get that video opened, viewed, posted and shared with customizations.  These tactics are perfect for an industry that relies heavily on partner relationships and referal networks.  Ask us how.

Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows are more expensive than ever.  The online tools available to exhibitors and attendees help make the time together more valuable. Scheduled appointments, pre-show and post-show selling, and information sharing will make deals happen.  Tools that will help with effective video, including mass customizations and calls to action can turn a tradeshow giveaway into an effective sales tool.  Help your clients maximize the return on your tradeshow support.

Employee Programs

Promotional product suppliers help employers with employee education, rewards and awards, effective events, and recruiting.  These programs are naturals for a video and digital element as well.  Let us show you how to combine what you already do for your clients with custom video.

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