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Sample Non-Profit Form

  • Underlay Video Specification

  • Video Product SKUs: these will be purely based on length and each length (to start) has standard elements. My assumption is that each length video product will also have some variation in terms of motion of the elements.
  • As required, if we offer an "other" option.
  • Core Underlay Video: this refers to a completed underlay video of one of the prescribed lengths.
    Standard Core Underlay Video: this is a core underlay video created by us. The reference will be from our library (stock to start, then maybe creative that we own) and will vary by length and certainly by industry appropriate subject matter. Custom Core Underlay Video: this is a client-created core underlay video. Still completed but using the client’s library materials.
  • Overlay Forms

    Overlay Forms: Forms to be used for the creation of the overlay to be used in conjunction with a Core Video. These may include drop down choices or free fields, all with whatever limitations are appropriate for that client purpose. Dropdowns might be unique to a standard or custom program or might even pull from a client data set.
  • Client Overlay Forms: custom overlay forms for the specific client. Perhaps we have a client overly form creation tool.
  • Standard Overlay Forms: we provide standard forms to the client depending on the industry and the use for the form.
  • Completed Overlay: the form-created overlay that is submitted to be combined with the selected Core Underlay Video.
  • Full Video: A video that has been rendered with both the selected Core Underlay Video plus the Completed Overlay rendered by the forms.
  • Logo Animation

    Logo Animation: Rendered logo animation to be used as an added element appended to Full Video. Client provides the logo to be animated and we render the animations and load those into the client library or on their client page.
  • Intro: To be determined. For now, I’m thinking about limiting this to a Logo Animation.
  • Outro: To be determined. For now, I’m thinking about limiting this to a Logo Animation.
  • Final Section

  • Soundtrack: We will need to figure out what we want to offer here. I think music only to start, perhaps with client choice here? Over time, we will need to offer clients voiceover options, by the client or by outsourced professional voiceover talent.
  • Final Video: the completed ready to go video, including Intro, Full Video, Outro, and Soundtrack.
  • Call to Action: I want to keep this element in mind, but probably for later use. For now, call to action should be part of the overlay form choices.
  • Curated Video: This will be a number (restriction on this number?) of selected Full Videos strung together as an aggregation. My thought is that they should be limited to 15-second videos, with maybe an option for 2-4-6-8 15-second elements. Then can add Intro and Outro for a Finished Video.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY