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The use of video for digital marketing is exploding because it works.  Put simply, the “Play” button is the single most powerful call to action on the internet.  Content is more likely to be consumed, understood, shared and acted upon when it is in a video format.


Unfortunately, video creation is tricky.  It can be super expensive in terms of cost, learning curve and time commitment.  So much so, that virtually every company has a dramatic “video deficit” for their online marketing materials.


We had an idea: what if the process for delivering traditional promotional products could be used for video creation as well?


So we have gone about looking at video creation the same way we think about proomotional product creation.


We have identified incredible video manufacturers who constantly innovate with video.  We have ways to build video with little demands on the client by focusing on the use of available logos and re-purposing existing content.  We have built generic content that can be overlayed with identifiable branding.  We have created proprietary tools that allow for individual personalized video at mass production pricing.  We have established best practices that enable effecient delivery of video and reporting that satisfy concerns for achieving metrics.


It’s time to close the video deficit.  It’s time to create new video efficiently.  It’s time to go at this a new way.  It’s our time.



Working together

We’re here to provide the custom video products.   We are as easy to work with as any promotional products manufacturer.  That is our goal and our commitment to you.

We work with innovative video, animation, automated marketing, hosting, reporting and content personalization tools.  We offer new marketing tactics which have never been seen by you or your clients.  We understand business strategy for video and digital content.

We will help you succeed by providing you the materials you need.  We can supply sell sheets, presentations, and samples.  Once we know what will work for your client, we can develop a proposal and help you build your pricing.  We solve problems.

This is new, but we can make it work together.

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