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Video is Promotion


Event Announcements. Websites. Invitations. Emails. Newsletters.  Recommendations. Social Media.


Information in motion is proven to be more effective than static content.  Video is more likely to be opened, viewed, shared and acted upon. 


To be effective, video should be relevant, branded and personal.  Custom video is the ultimate promotional product.




Why we think of video as a Promotional Product?
Video is a superior way to communicate messages online.  This is easily proven with response rates, open rates, and conversions.  Yet, most companies don’t have much video content.  Why?

Effective video–video that is opened, viewed, shared and acted upon–is both hard and expensive to create unless you find a better way.

We believe the solution is to create video using the same model as the promotional product industry.  Easy renderings.  Innovative Products. Superior manufacturers.  Simple forms. Volume pricing. Re-purposed content. A variety of product choices.  Reliable delivery.   Branding options.  Measurable results.

Animated Logos

Bring your logo to life in ways you have never imagined.  Animated logos make video content more professional.  We recommend branding your videos animated logos.  Terrific as a client giveaway too–animate their logos and expect smiles to ensue.

Animated Logo Samples

Listing Videos

We can repurpose existing static content into video. Turn data into video, including real estate listings, job postings, product catalogs, and even menu items. Listing videos posted on your site or can be used for presentations, newsletters, and product flyers. 

Listing Video Samples


Templated standard event videos modified with specific information are perfect for event announcements.  All videos can be branded with your logo or be personalized to event sponsors.  Finish off the video by linking to a call to action.

Announcement Samples


The demand for video is overwhelming.  There has to be fresh thinking brought to the creation of effective video.  Doing without is no longer an option.

Relax. Discuss. Enjoy.

For most clients, tools that create digital video are not currently a big part of content creation.  This is pretty new stuff.  It changes every day.  Let’s figure out together what’s out there and what it can do for you and your clients.

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