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Charity events present a wonderful opportunity to combine traditional “gift bag” promotional products with digital promotional products.  We can put together a video slideshow for your client before or after an event, using last year’s or this year’s best pictures.  We can easily (and inexpensively) customize that slideshow using the event supporters–sponsors, attendees, volunteers and benefactors.  We can do special custom live action videos announcing the event that can be sent to anyone who might be interested.  These digital promotional products will be effective as a promotion or a thank you.  Effective digital content will be opened, viewed, and shared.  We can even show you some nifty tactics to use the content with a call to action.

Our digital promotional products present a terrific differentiator for the Promotional Products expert who is bidding to provide the traditional custom products for the event.  Embroidered hats have value to charity events but can be quickly turned into a bidding war between the potential suppliers.  With our extras, the package of hats plus promotional videos (customized to the recipients!) will face zero competition.