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Fun Video Samples

Here are a few videos that give you a general idea of what we’re offering. This is an extremely small sample of what we have available for you and your clients.  While these clips are fun to view, we realize they offer very little insight into final deliverables. Feel free to go over to our Ideas page or our Blog to see how these tools might be used.

Video Slideshows

Custom videos can be built from existing copy, images, and video clips. We can also provide stock photos or provide templated scripts. We can personalize the individual copies to recognize the recipients.  Branding for your client or client’s partners can be added as intros and outros to the videos. Stock background music can be muted or changed, if desired.  Scripted audio is always an option as well.

Charity Golf Event Sample

Your event shots as a (postable) online video!

The start button on video is the strongest call to action you have.  A collection of photos, logos and copy can be put together as a compelling video.  

Ski Holiday Sample Video

Begin branding your client’s events with effective video.

By re-purposing existing client content into a video, you will differentiate your product proposal with valuable digital materials.

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