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So many seats to fill.

Most sports teams will come to a Promotional Products expert for product ideas.  Bobble heads.  Hats.  Shirts.  Refrigerator Magnets.  Trading cards.  The list is long.  Most minor league teams depend on creative promotional giveaways to fill empty seats with happy customers.  Many of these giveaways are sponsored.  With easy to create video slideshows and live action videos, we can help you create the kind of video content that will be far more effective at creating excitement about these promotions.   Videos can be posted on websites, shared in social media and sent in emails.  Fans, sponsors and teams will all be excited by the new-look promotions.

As the Promotional Products expert, your job is to help the team use their giveaways to fill seats.  That can be done with the giveaway itself.  A nice hat is a nice giveaway.  But what if every giveaway comes with a custom promotional video that can be posted, shared or sent to targeted customers?  That is the kind of effective digital content–combined with an effective giveaway product–that no other salesperson can offer.