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Fun Samples

Here are a few clips that give you a general idea of what we’re offering. This is an extremely small sample of what we have available for you and your clients.

Have some fun to get started–click on a category below, then scroll down to see the samples.

Stock Live Action Clips

Length of clip and standard overlays as noted. Additional custom overlays, including individualized overlays for personalized giveaways, are also available.
Background music can be muted or replaced, if desired.

Restaurant Couple - Toasting

[17 sec.]  Logo and two lines of text. Excellent for event announcements, congratulatory opportunities, and special initiatives.

Superhero - Man

[6 sec.]  Logo and color of t-shirt.


[15 sec.]  Logo.

Wall Painter

[25 sec.]  Logo and color of wall.

Woman Texting

[10 sec.]  Four brief lines of text.

Graffiti Logo

[18 sec.]  Logo and 2 colors of paint spray.

Wine Bottle

[26 sec.]  Logo

Scientists Collide Beams

[14 sec.]  Logo and color of beams (left, right, center).

Chemist Mixing Fluids

[23 sec.]  Logo and color of fluid.

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