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The real estate market has had a long and successful relationship with promotional products.  What agent doesn’t have a collection of giveaway mugs, keychains and refrigerator magnets.  I’ve always wondered how many “number 1” realtors there can be.

If any industry is ripe for effective digital content, it’s real estate.  In fact, in most markets, you have to have professional photos of your home as a prerequisite to listing it. I have to say, most of these photos are generally so beautifully done, the Kardashians are jealous.

Taking these glamour photos and turning them into a video slideshow with accompanying copy and music is promotion with a capital “P”.  Until now, very few homeowners are provided a professional video commercial for selling their home.  These videos are ripe for sponsorship too–promoting the broker with an intro or outro, sponsorship by a mortgage company or even providing the listing agent’s contact information.  The videos are so nice, everyone will want to take credit–especially when the home attracts a legion of potential buyers.