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So only the one-percenters can afford the time, effort and cost of professional ad agency videos.  Where does that leave the rest of us?

We think the answer is with promotional products experts like you.  Video should be created from existing content or easily produced new content. Content should be custom or personalized.  The style should be fresh, casual and fun. Content should be easily distributed.  Results should be measured to prove effectiveness.

To start, you should try to sell digital promotional products to your existing contacts at your existing clients.  Your clients trust you.  That trust will be called upon since this will a new category of product for your client to consider.

We would be happy to help you with the sales process, just as many of your other promotional product suppliers do.  We can discuss the parts of our line that are most responsive to your client’s need.  We can help you with sales sheets and presentations.  We can provide a custom sample or two if needed.

We also like the idea of combining the digital and physical products in a single offering.  This could be done for events, sports marketing and incentive programs.  We will enable you to differentiate your proposals from your competitions.  We should discuss this.

Since this is new, we will have to work together on a project by project basis.  Feel free to make an appointment to get started.